Going To Movie With SocialitAkhwat

Going To Movie With SocialitAkhwat

That occasion is so special. Because more than one hundred women go to movie together just because this movie should not be able to watch previously for some reason. One of them is there's no enough people who may attract to watch it.

 So these moms -who most of them educated their kids on their own home than send them to school - are agree to go the XXI cinema for watching together the movie.

We sit on two studios that afternoon to enjoy the story that tell about the little girl who want to see a planet from the observatory. The main plot is combined with the sub plot which her grandfather lose his job in the day he promise to take his grandchild to the observatory.

Iqra means reading. And we learn from this movie that we should read the written (Qouliyah/ Alquran) and un-written ones (Kauniyah/ Nature)

The most important from that evening is our togetherness to hang out, have fun and against the capitalist's arrogancy. Yeay! :D

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