Play Worlds For Kids

Play Worlds For Kids

It's honourable again when I am asked to be one of SGM Mombassador. After Mombassador event in Jogjakarta some months ago, SGM make some programs to be held at some towns. Semarang is the second city after Jakarta this year.

Between my agendas at Semarang that day, I spend my time also to visit this event. The stadion is fulled by childrens who participate on many games.

There are four main area in the stadion. Dunia Langit, Dunia Berkebun, Dunia Samudera dan Dunia Safari. It represents four world, four element.

At the centre of the stadion, there is a huge main stage where some speakers give their speech. And also any other games which lively reported at Facebook Fans Page.

It's so wonderful to see kid's smile and laugh.
See you all on the next even!

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