Khoul Gus Dur And NU Anniversary 91

Khoul Gus Dur And NU Anniversary 91


There are two events which be held by Nahdlatul Ulama aka NU in our city.
At the end of last December, there is Khoul Gus Dur event. 
And there is NU Anniversary 91 at the end of last January. 

The  Birthday of Nahdlatul Ulama event is started with watching movie together. Sang Kiai movie which tell story about NU Founder was released some years ago.  I actually watched it twice   but never complete yet. It is because of the lack of sound system and too many audience who keep crowded on the location. I hope in another time I will have any opportunity to watch it completely and clearer situation.

After the movie session, some speakers take the time. The last speaker who take longest time was asking all of us to improve our performance. Because there are any other Islamic organizations which newer but having positive and  significant progress. They have some qualities that we still need to run after.

Ganbatte all!


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