Dian Nafi's

journey journal
sabtu lalu adik sepupuku baru 19 tahun. meninggal dunia.
betapa singkatnya..
semoga husnu khotimah.
kita tidak tahu kapan kematian menjemput.
bersiaplah setiap saat.
Ya Allah...
senantiasa ridloi langkahku di jalanMU. amin

berikut desain - desain ter anyar 

sorry for your lost
that's written by a friend

now i know 
that maybe i sometomes feel lost
coz i actually lost my love
this heart feel empty
and sometimes feel nothing
sometimes feel confuse

where is love
i ask

Allah is here with me
but sometimes i don't spend enough time with MY Highest LOve
Allah.. forgive me
one thing i now know or i know now
i have to learn to be a friend of some one
and someone else.

and someone else

so on so on
friend truly friend
not just on surface and face
but heart...

we are on the road to climb the mountain
My God, please bless this road.
why we have to rush rush in both design and project
why we don't enjoy the process anymore
why we don't have time enough to make it better
why we don't ....

design should be  also a feel
project should be  also a satisfying proccess 

is it mean we must say no to rush rush ??

Proyek ini merupakan masterpiece kita tahun ini karena kita merenovasi dari bangunan lama jaman Belanda menjadi sebuah restoran Sunda yang cantik minimalis.

Berikut beberapa foto – foto before and after nya.

Cause we can't work alone anyway
we need t work together with a team
there is a lot of skills needed here.
and so on and so on

teamwork is not a simple thing
cause there's also resonantion between the team
not just cause the profesionality they done together
but also the same kind of mind and vision

What to be done if the sweet memories but including sin in the past come to your nowadays life ?

Of course after taubah nasuha, hope there’s no sin anymore. But the sweet and beautiful moments in the past or in nowadays life can’t be denied. It can recharge your energy and give you spirit to get achievement. So enjoying the moments but avoiding sins is the alternative we can do.


Kantor dengan ukuran 3,5 x 7 m2 ini berfungsi untuk kantor direksi sebuah penerbitan di Semrang
desain minimalis dengan bukaan kaca besar untuk memasukkan cahaya sebanyak - banyaknya ke dalam ruang dan sekaligus mengangkat tampilan fasadenya.

berikut yang terbaru dari kami :
desain fasade untuk mr taufik dahara prize

this is my latest design for Mr. Gatut Semarang
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i offer all of you
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only Rp. 7000,- / m2

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