writravelicious go to Germany

writravelicious go to Germany

Naz ask us about our plan to Paris and Brussel tomorrow. I tell it short briefly and added about Germany that missed from previous plan. Germany near from here. Only 20 minute, Naz said. How to get there? Do you really want to go there? Yes We arrived at Naz apartment at 9 pm

After mary say bye to go her own home, Naz ask us again. Do you really want to go Germany? It's so suddenly I can drive you there. We must quick before dark. Naz run to her room, pick her car key. Ning and I look at each other. But you're tired and should wake up early tomorrow

No, i am fine. You both don't know yet when coming to europe again. Let's go. Make sure you bring yiour visa and battery charged camera. We move quickly. Then suddenly we arrived at kleeve Germany after Naz race driving. We scream all long road, enjoy that craziness

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