We Can Learn How To Life From Art

We Can Learn How To Life From Art

After walking through one of hardest part of  my life, suddenly God send me to this class. And I learn a lot from  it, the journey, the destiny, the lesson, the art, and also the life.

Here are some insights that I get from nowadays lessons.  Sorry if i write it randomly. (and also the pictures hehe :D)

 There are four days total I take for this art design class.
And every day I get different lesson. Not just from senshei in the class, but also whereas I was on the journey coming to and back from the venue.

 If we follow the wrong river, we won't reach the right destination

When our design draft on the clean white canvas doesn't make us enough satisfied, we still can erase&replace it w/ other appropriate design

Sometimes taking long enough time before deciding which painting we want to apply is better than just paint to become number one who arrive

Which is more annoying feeling,unsatisfied with the draft design in the beginning but trying hard to fix it and make best result w/ effort?

Or soon erase it and replace w/ more appropriate design draft even it take longer time to make us more satisfying w/ the further execution?

But if we're lucky enough, there's another opportunity to restart it from beginning in new canvas coz the previous media/tool isn't correct

 Wearing stand out clothe sometimes make you get remarkable rather than any one else. It represents of your much caring about yourself&others

People can't just judge others coz everyone has own journey,obstacles,limitations,struggling. We shouldn't become irritating of that blaming

It's actually challenging if we enter some place becoming as nobody knows us. We can get refresh, renewal,&undistracted become new person

 What actually can mess our new life/painting even we re-start it all from new clean beginning canvas?

We should learn from all previous mistakes.& applying all good lessons, best attitudes&performance for better results in the future 

Sabar,syukur,jujur,ikhlas,niat,sungguh2, pakai pertimbangan tapi juga taking action,bekerja sama dg baik, saling menghargai&do it all w/love

&also too much fears only bring negative impact to our life. Takut kehilangan hanya akan membuat kita akhirnya kehilangan. So much pain 

Canvas must be firmly on frame,so it's easier to paint on it.Memegang teguh nilai2&ikuti aturan2 akan memudahkn kt melukis hidup as designed

Sometimes simple drawing design is better for us to make it completely executed and finished rather than other complex design

Some people choose to be paralyzed and love complex design coz they think they're born for that. But they still can move & change the line

Life is full of choice. And we still can choose more simple life after we're tired with previous complex one

& mungkin spt itulah akhir perjalanan seorang petualang, berhenti&berlabuh di tempat yg bukan apa2, bersama org yg bukan siapa2 

Kdg kita hrs melakukan perjalanan menuju tempat yg sama berukangkali, utk tahu bahwa ada cara & jalan yg berbeda2 utk bisa sampai

Ada jalan yg umum sering ditempuhi byk org shg akhirnya crowded,ada jalan yg lebih lapang tp hrs memutar&utk ke sana butuh perjuangan berat

Sampai akhirnya ktk dlm perjalanan balik,kt menemukan bahwa ada cara yg klhtnnya lbh mudah utk bisa sampai ke jalan yg memutar&lengang itu

Tapi cara itu sebenarnya beresiko. Then we realize that whatever way & road we choose, we face unique tests&troubles that we can't avoid

tapi pas tadi mau lewat jalan beresiko itu, pas jatahku ke belakang malah dihadang polisi, disuruh lewat jalan biasa. Yach, nasib

So the way to handle it is just enjoying the journey,dg sabar,ikhlas, jujur,niat baik,sungguh2,tawakal,insya Allah sampai. amin 

Yang baik itu penuh perjuangan - shensei

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