notes to a writer

notes to a writer: 
(do it like james thayer) best tip on dramatization: begin the scene too early, end it too late.
check your story against your plot.
it's not the message that interests your readers--it's how you tell it.
don't trust yourself. sometimes you're become too attached with your novel, you can't see what's wrong with it.
the readers have to like your storyteller's voice and tone--which means, your have to practice more on your writing style.
Never publish a book without a signed contract. whatever the reason is.
novel's dialogue must be concise and focus to your plot. at least, reveal something important about your main character
poor plotting means ineffective dialogue, slow pace, and the possibility of fake ending.
are you a psychic? no? so, how do you know your novel is bad if you never sent it to any publishers?

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