sambungan ... the first day of BWCF 2012 - roya ambarukmo

Hi, I come back again. I would like to tell you more about Borobudur writers and culture festivel which held from 28 till 31 october 2012.

The first day took place at pendopo royal ambarukmo Jogjakarta .(I will tell  the story about travelling later in another opportunity, I promise)

Mr. john mc glyn open the event by presenting documenter film about sapardi djoko damono. About the creative process of his poems and also his life achievement.
The documenter film about umar kayam didn’t be presented because there’s something wrong with the CD (rather disappointed of course, because actually I come there for the reason, the writer that become your favorite, isn’t he? J)

As usually, I feel blue. The tears is in my eyes. I see love in eyes of sapardi djoko damono. I see love in eyes of mr. john mc glyn (if u’re there, I am sure that I can see love in your eyes, but you’re not there, thanks. Especially I can act just like me and I do not need to be pretend somebody that please you :D)

From mr john, I get energy today. More. For this passion, writing and publishing. He said that this is time for the young generation to continue everything that he has initiated before.

Oh yeach, there's also other special thing. 28 oct 2012 is b'day 25th Lontar (Glyn's publisher) and 25 oct 2012 is 2th b'day of hasfa. Such as a nice gift for me that the energy come in a proper time, when it is really needed :)

Tony tack is the second speaker. She presented about unveiling mistery of Borobudur. Sit beside me, there is Marie Bee. There are Jennifer Mc Kenzie, pak langit kresna, bre redana, sutrisno mur, etc. which we get some insights for writings and in a big destination, contributing for the world.  

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