1st day: borobudur writers and culture festival

Just like as another expatriate, mr john mc glyn come earlier than anothers. The discipline come from his passion , love and also responsibility . Some of leadership characters which everyone should have it.
Not like as planned before, i don't come with someone who may be has questions in the head, why i just dissappeared closely until the planned day is coming. I have reasons for this, i apologize and i assume that it can be understood well .
Well, God send me the replace person. A girl from surabaya , called galuh. She studies culture in unair . She also comes alone . So we company each others.
Back to mr glyn , of course he is glad that the two of us are his early friends who attend this noon event.
Can i write the whole story tomorrow ? Coz i think i need to get a rest after this tight days. See u tom , insya Allah. Hv a nice dream
Btw, last night i dream that i come to your place but you're not there :( not such a good dreaming

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