S o u l m a t e

I always have a question in my mind nowadays.
Every time I see a spouse, I ask in my heart?
Does the husband love his wife? Does the wife love her husband?

Or if I see someone sits near her husband’s/his wife’s grave, I actually think and ask?
Does he/she love her/his when they live together? Does he/she still love her/him?

Or when there is someone who marries again after his/her divorce or his/her partner’s death, I am curious. Which one is more being loved between two?

The point is my nowadays question.
What is love?
What is soul mate?
What is true love?

And where is mine?

Someone told me that love – true love- just come once.
Is it true?

If it is true, is my one has come in my past? Or he is still out there to I find out?

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