Dubai Airport (day 1)

Dubay Airport (day 1)

we travel with Emirat. 8 hours from Jakarta Soetta to Dubai for transit. Then we fly 4 hours more from Dubai to Amsterdam. The food in the plane is so delicious. I like it so much. The stewardess are so friendly and spoil us.

I seat close to the window's plane. So I can see views and panorama freely. Emirat also provide us -the passengers- with information, communication and entertainment videos.
I enjoy a lot, watching linked in learning videos. Whereas I prepare for my paper presentation in next few days at the Netherlands.

Here is the foods on Emirate plane on my first occasion. Yeay. They have some options and let us choose our preferences from the menu. Like at restaurant, right? we arrived at midnight. walking a long journey from the plane directly to the lounge C13. Of course after we check it on the board -near the place we come in.
I am quite tired when I arrived at Dubai for transit. But never too tired to take pict, yeach :D

Unfortunately, there is only one beautiful spot in this airport. Row of date palm trees makes a good frame for any picture shoot. Klik klik

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