Books help us meet people

Books help us meet people. People help us meet books.

We never know where this life will take us. Just be around. Go far or no place at all.
But today I realize something. God give us many ways to invent ourselves.
And this is out of my prediction at all. Never in my mind before, not even in my dream.
But here we are, here I am.
People help me meet books. Many names I can’t tell, some of them are very special.

Suddenly, I have more 20 books with my fingers dancing there. Grant the Mercy.

And also has born more than 30 books of hasfriends from January till this June.
Hadzaa min fadhli robbii.

Really much love and miracle happens. People really help us meet books.
It’s more of that miracle. Books also help us meet people.
Some readers of my books send greeting and testimony. Some of them tell me that they cry but also being inspired. Some of my books going overseas, to Makkah, Egypt, Hongkong, London, Thailand, Singapore. Even I’m still stay here, but it’s wonderful to know that books can do much more than us.

Then, from book we arrange the meeting with love. We go downtown, joining for books party and writing club. Eat, read and love.
Books really help us meet people.

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