De Burcht van Leiden

De Burcht van Leiden

Writravelicious continue to Leiden journey today. We're heading to De Burcht van Leiden. Along the road, we enjoy the city, the building, the rood, the trees, the park, the canal, the bridge, the sky, the cafe, the people, etc.

Some walls at Leiden are decorated with poems and poetry. Some are written in English, some in Dutch, some in Arabic, etc.

So beautiful and intriguing effort to educate and elevate society's art sense. 

I get many real samples of architecture spacious design at exterior and environmental through this Leiden walking tour

“19th century Catholic church in Protestant city”

19th century Catholic church in Protestant city
Completed in 1836, just six years before the railway line to Haarlem was opened which for most citizens of Leiden at the time was perhaps more important. At the beginning of the 19th century Leiden was a city in decline. 
The Hartebrugkerk ( church) is located in the middle of one of the biggest shopping streets of Leiden. It's the first official Catholic Church in the city of Leiden. A huge monument in a neoclassic style
atholic Church in the heart of the Reformation
This is a beautiful church and the entrance is free. However, there church interior is barred from going past the nave. You can look through the bars into the church but you cannot enter the sanctuary

sometimes we have to visit to a place twice or more, to see there is something special at that place. Just like that also, if we want to see something special on any one else - 

on my first time going to this Mc D, I only take pict. The seccond time when going with Bapakku di Leiden's family, we go inside and hang out while take a brunch and enjoying ice cream. The feel and ambiance is different.
in some area near market, office and business district, we can find some cars. 

This is not editing pic. Leiden is real clean. The canal, the bridge, the road, the sky. All is clean and clear. Such a paradise

Sculpture is one way to create a city landmark

we walk through this gate when we're heading to a heritage fortress in Leiden.

There are some road climbs and road derivatives which make Leiden more interesting. 
The housing, the road, the lamp, all so simple but neat beautiful. 

Here is the history of Leiden fortress
There are sitting area of cafe in front of the Leiden fortress. Nice

There are two lovers in the fortress whose remind of you

de Burcht van Leiden

Kind of impressive that this is the biggest hill that you can see - and it was entirely man-made in the 11th century. The remains of a castle (only the outer wall) are on the top of the hill, climbing up affords beautiful views of the city.

It took us a bit to find the entrance - the stairs are at the NW end of a courtyard that was taken over by the restaurants on either side. So you have to wander to the back of the seating area to find the stairs.

It was worth the view though, it offers nice views of the surrounding area 
Aerial view from De Burcht van Leiden

alleys between Leiden housings

the Pieterskerk. It is the oldest city church in Leiden, a beautiful monument with a long history. The church was founded in 1121 as a count’s chapel and evolved into a sizeable church with an impressive interior, stained glass windows and a 16th century organ.

Jan Steen’s grave
The Pieterskerk also suffered from the Beeldenstorm, the iconoclastic movement in 1566. The Catholic church’s interior was destroyed and it was even used as a Protestant church six years later. Today it is filled with special, ancient monuments including a late Gothic pulpit and about 10 memorial stones. This is also where you will find the grave of the old master Jan Steen.

Pieterskerk tour
The Pieterskerk (Peter's Church) in Leiden is open to the public unless events are scheduled. The entry price is €3 and voluntary donations are much appreciated. The staff is happy to tell you about the history of this urban icon in Leiden. A pre-booked guided tour costs €75 (incl. taxes). The maximum number of visitors per tour is 15.

We can find sign mark in any corner, so it is possible for any walking tour. We won't loss at Leiden.

I actually walk for 10 km each day in this beautiful peace comfort city. 

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