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10 Guides

1.ENTHUSIASM, passion, love, dedication, drive, obsession, and the other positive emotional drives, are essential if we want to succeed in this brutal world of business. They are the fuels of our energy. We need them, we need them bad. Enthusiasm does not guarantee success, but lack of it does guarantee failure.

2.Be a REVOLUTIONARY, an activist, who shouts out loud and make the mark at this time of chaos. Dare to CHANGE, to be the UPFRONT of any new business movements. To be the change rather than the product of it.

3.Believe in TECHNOLOGY, and commit yourself to it. Internet, MP3, Mobile-stuff, Biotech, et cetera: learn and go with it. This is the century of brains, and of inventions. Use technology to our benefits. Try the new things, learn and learn and learn. And keep the competitive edge.

4.Go GLOBAL. There is no other time in history where globalization is so near to everybody. Technology has shattered distance and geographical limitations. Internet is the enabler. Connect with someone, anyone, in Japan, Slovakia, India, China, Russia, San Francisco, or Milan. Distance is no barrier anymore; neither do language (translation software is available easily). Make a web of friends.

5.Make MISTAKES, fail and learn. Shit happens. Catastrophes will make us stronger. Successful people know that failures may just be around the next corner. The bigger the prize, the further there is to fail. Caution rules.

6.Focus on the INTANGIBLES. Soft is in, hard is out. The era of brands, bits, and brains, the era of service. Expand and nourish the intangible competency.

7.Be CREATIVE, do something DIFFERENT with our works and products. Put our souls into whatever we do. Avoid the commodity trap.

8.Stay LOOSE, be happy, be crappy. Turn the workplace into a PLAYZONE, or quit. The world is already too dark to live by, we need to balance our life with the joy of living. Enjoying what we do and loving every second of it. Otherwise we are out, we are finished.

9.GIVE BACK to the community, commit to social cause, do random acts of kindness. We have to remember the poor and the needy, the rainforests and the environmental harmony. Karma counts, we are responsible of the humanity we live in. Embark the economies of souls.

10.Trust your INSTINC, go with your guts, and keep on running. Do the things that you believe is right, and that power will push you on and on. Determination rules.

by Tanadi Santoso

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